About Us

Puppco Owner Jas with two Sausage Dogs


Hi I’m Jas, along with my husband Josh we started PuppCo two years ago when we got our first mini Dachshund, Sassy.
She was so tiny that we couldn't find collars or harnesses that fit, not even XXS.
We didn’t want our dog to wear a cat collar so we decided to start our own brand that made products small enough for tiny dogs.

We decided we didn’t want to sell the same pre made harnesses just with our branding or harsh materials (like polyester webbing/seatbelt material) on our precious pup’s fur so we designed tiny harnesses that look luxurious, are soft and comfortable as well as durable and practical!

We started with smaller sizes, our XXS harnesses will fit 1 kilo dogs, but we know all dogs deserve to be stylish and comfortable so we have and are continuing to expand our sizes!
Not only do we have collars and harnesses but all the accessories to match plus bowls and even some things for doggy parents.
Before our Dachshunds we had American Staffies so we understand big and little dogs!

We live on the Central Coast of NSW with our three boys and two Sausages and attend local markets while also selling here online.

I am a photographer and have been for over 16 years! I mostly specialise in newborn studio shoots (human babies), but also venture into family and fur baby photography inside and out so feel free if you’re local or want to travel to check out my socials 📷

If you have any questions about anything jump on our chat on here or catch me on FB or Insta.

We hope you and your pup love our brand as much as we do!

Jas & the PuppTeam 🐾