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Premium PuppBowls

Premium PuppBowls

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Introducing Puppco's Premium Double Walled Stainless Steel Dog Bowls


🐾 Elevate Mealtime: Upgrade your dog's dining experience with our Puppco branded double walled stainless steel dog bowls. Durable, functional but also designed to impress, these bowls are perfect for pups of all sizes.

🌟 Superior Quality: Our dog bowls are made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel that not only ensures durability but also keeps your pet's food and water free from harmful contaminants.

❄️ Double-Walled Innovation: Say goodbye to lukewarm water and soggy kibble! Puppco's double-walled design helps maintain the temperature of your pet's food and water, keeping it cooler for longer on hot days and preventing it from freezing during colder months.

🦴 Anti-Slip Security: No more chasing the bowl around the floor! Each Puppco bowl features an anti-slip rubber ring on the bottom to keep it firmly in place, reducing spills and messes during mealtime.

🐶 Size Options: Puppco offers a range of sizes to accommodate your pup's appetite, from tiny teacup breeds to large, voracious eaters. Find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Small 1L Volume, 160mm Dia x 80mm Deep

Medium 1.3L Volume, 180mm Dia x 70mm Deep

Large 2L Volume, 200mm Dia x 90mm Deep

Colours may vary slightly

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